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How do I stop the image uploader from loading large images?

How do I stop the image uploader from loading (progress bar / loading state) an image over a certain size?

I feel like this is basic but I wasn’t able to find anything in the forums about it.

Thank you for help.


Welcome to Bubble Forum!

Please, see if it is what you are looking for:

Thank you. I don’t think so. What that does is resizes an image over a certain dimension.

What I want is to not upload an image if it exceeds a file size (5MB).

Sorry the right link is here:

But I think you would need to use file uploader instead.

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Oh, okay. Thank you, I will try that and see.

You are welcome!

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This method does allow setting a max file size but how do I limit file types to images only?

I’d love if there was a file size limit for the image uploader, or an extension limiter for the file uploader. Absent of this I think it’s unnecessarily limiting so I posted it in the idea category.

If anyone has a simple solution I would love to hear it, otherwise I will keep the image uploader and try a manual JavaScript input-size-limit solution.

Thank you dearly @mateusproto for reaching out to help.


Please, check if this option here can help you:

With the file uploader option to get the file type you can use this plugin:

Thanks @mateusproto. Those two methods weren’t viable. I didn’t want to rely on a plugin and the previous method would still upload the file before being able to take an action based on the file size.

For those interested, this is a basic example of what I found to work.

I used the file uploader like @mateusproto suggested (to limit the max file size). I added a conditional workflow triggered when the value of that file upload element changed. One workflow happened if the file upload value’s file name doesn’t contain “.jpg”, “.jpeg”, “.png”, or “.gif” and another happens if it does contain those extensions.

Hopefully this helps someone else

I used a file-uploader to limit the size and conditions to restrict the filetypes.

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