Limit Size Checkbox — What does it do?

Hey all,

I’m launching an app that’s going to be quite image heavy with lots of UGC and want to avoid 10MB photos. I’ve noticed the “limit size” checkbox on the picture uploader, but once checked, where do you actually set the MB limit?

Hi there, @trvshowell… the short answer is you don’t. From the Bubble manual, here is what that checkbox does…

By default, an image uploads without resizing. If the image is large, this may lead to a slower upload. If an image is larger than 800 x 600 pixels, check this box to resize the image to these dimensions.


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Thanks @mikeloc, so if someone uploads a 1920x1080 or say some odd size like 1000x100, this checked box will resize both of those to an 800x600 and stretch the image?

If that is this case and I’d want to just control max file sizes, is there a plugin you recommend? Or perhaps an image processing plugin to cut the served images some in file size

Check out this thread… and I’ve never used it, but the last post in the thread links to a plugin that sounds like it would do the trick.


You might also find this post helpful. It’s not just the size of uploaded files that matters, but also keeping your Bubble AWS storage “tidy” by deleting files that are no longer needed.

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