How do I use text from a custom state that is a list of things in a text box

Users will select several things from a repeating group that will get added to a custom state that is set up as a list. I then have a text field that is going to display data from the custom state. Is there a way to loop through records in the custom state within the text field? I’m using a workaround right now where I use the item# selector and am manually selecting records to display, but this isn’t ideal as it limits me to however many I manually set up, and I end up with empty text as the user makes their selections.

Here’s what my text field looks like right now:

I know I could accomplish this with a repeating group, but I’m going to need to reference this text as it’s formatted in a workflow. Is there some way to mimick what a RG does within a text field? Am I totally on the wrong track?

Hi @jason31 :wave:

You can try to use a text field as you already is doing and write the formula

analyze_consistency's SelectedArtwork :formated as text

And in the “delimiter” field that will appears, you just type ENTER to jump a line.


Brilliant - that was exactly what I needed. Thank you @rpetribu !

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