How do I view the actual returned API call? The logs only show the call being made, but shows nothing for response

I’m using the API plugin to query an external system. When I initilize the API it works fine, and I can use it in my app. Something broke and now it doesn’t display any results in the table. I have no idea if the call is even successful, unauthorized, etc.

If I go to Server Logs, it only shows the call being made, and the parameters passed but that’s it. If I check the box for HTTP Response, the response it shows are the headers only and not the actual call.

If I run the exact same call in Postman, I get the big array of data back. Where on earth do I go to view this in Bubble? I feel like I’m missing something obvious here. Even Server Logs says nothing about Success, or Unauthorized or any sort of error.

I also tried doing a workflow step to display the results of step 1 being the API call as text, but it won’t work as it makes me pick “first item” etc, like a specific value.

I’m literally just trying to view the response you’d get in Postman or any other system but struggling to find where.

First item should give you values from the API call. But you can also try 'each items [field-name]-value.

I tried that but even if you pick first item it then makes you pick the field. I’m not looking for the value from a particular field, I’m looking for the API call results. Like for example, if I run the call in Postman this is the result:

“companyname”: null,
“subject”: “New Fibre Opp”,
“description”: null,
“statuscode”: 2

I’m trying to view this exact response but can’t figure it out as the logs don’t show it at all.

I know how to use these values in my app and how to make the results display in a table, or how to have a specific value like the first result show. But there must be a way to view the full call? Like say it returns 400 Unauthorized, where would I even see that if I can’t view the call itself? If it’s unauthorized, the table won’t display data, nor will any fields even if they reference the “first item” or whatever.

Can I not take action on it? Like it should return a 200 Success if it ran properly, or 400 for Unauthorized etc. Can I not take action on that, like “If response code is 400, do the following:”?

You have access to error_status_code in the API response. See screenshot.

Look for the response’s raw body text property. It may only be populated if you configure the API call in the API Connector to “Include errors in response and allow workflow actions to continue”.

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