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How do I work with data from Census API

Hi, I’d like to use the Census API.

Since it’s a very easy API, one that I could use with Postman to create a simple workflow, would you mind adding a way for me to implement the API by including the API parameters/headers/etc.


If not, how the heck do I access outside data using non-built in API’s?

That’s precisely the point of Blockspring, for instance. You can add a block that does the request, and add it to your app (and if you want to make the Blockspring community happier, you can make it public).

We haven’t exposed the way for people to add APIs directly yet, because we want to make sure the code is mature when we do this. But we will. In the meantime, Blockspring is there for this.

How do I use the “block” with the Bubble database? I need to pull data from Bubble…also, I don’t see any documentation for building a custom block and I have searched for how do that

I don’t see documentation about how to create a new data stream from a new API.

You create a block there and then you define what you want to return. Since it’s custom code, you can make any call to whoever you want. once this is done, you just add it to bubble (it’s usually going to be in the favs section in Blockspring), and it’ll behave as another API.