How do repeating groups work?

Hey. I’ve been playing around with Bubble to see what I can get working. Here’s where I’m stuck. I’m trying to make a repeating group display a list of values taken from a column in a specific database. I’ve tried everything I can think of but when I preview it, it just looks empty. I’ve created a test database to try and get this working, the database is called “test” it has an extra added column called “name” and 4 entries as shown below.


How would I replicate each entry into a row of a repeating group?


Update: When I inspect the repeating group, each row contains one of the entries as it should, but it doesn’t display any text.

You have to add a text element in the first cell of the repeating group, then set the value to be dynamic text. Something like, “Current cell’s name” should work.

That moment when you try something you thought you had already tried and yet this time it works… Thanks for the help!