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My repeating group is displaying the data in a string

Hi there,

My repeating group is displaying the data in a string like format

(still learning this stuff)

Been trying to wrap my head about this one for a minute and where I might have gone wrong.

I have created a repeating group that should:- When the user inputs an activity - such as the activity name, an image and a link - should then display each of these activities with the relevant data input for each.

  • What ends up happening is that the information is being displayed in a string like format in each cell in the repeating group and the images don’t show.

Is it something with my DB structure or the way I am calling the data

Let me know if you need additional info


You don’t need to do searches again on your text elements. The search is done on your repeating group. On your text elements, select ‘current cell’s X’.

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If I’ve guessed it correctly how your database is structured, you don’t need to do multiple searches. You simply need one 1 repeating group to load the relevant activities.

Have 1 repeating group with “Do a Search for Activities”. Add the relevant constraints like Activity name = Input A’s value etc.

Then in the first cell of the repeating group you add a text field - Current cell’s Activities’s Activity name.

It would be helpful if you share your database structure so that we can help you better.

How to display a list in a Repeating Group in

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This worked! - Thank You for spotting :slight_smile:

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