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How do you calculate time elapsed?

I’m working on an on-demand delivery app, and I’m trying to show both the user and the deliverer the time elapsed since someone placed an order, up until their order is delivered. Obviously, it’s easy to show the time the order was created, and I can easily show the current time, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to show the difference between the two. Any ideas?

The expression you’re looking for is “Current Date - Date Created”, assuming Current Date > Date Created.


I have this in my demo app if you want to see behind the scenes;


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That is actually what I needed, I just didn’t think it would work because it’s a formatted date/time and not just a number. Thanks!

This is great, Dave. Thanks. Can you tell me how you got the time to keep updating? When I put in the calculation, I am just getting a static time.

EDIT: Never mind! I got it. Thanks for the demo!

EDIT 2: Ok, one last question: The “clock” that I am trying to keep updated is in a cell of a repeating group (a list of orders placed at different times). When I add the workflow item, I can’t even see the clock text object to set state, only the repeating group itself. Any tips on how to handle that?

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