How do you create image in javascript then associate with entry in table

I want to programmatically make an image and then save the image and associate it with a record in a table.

This is what I can do so far

  1. Create an image in javascript
  2. Associate the image with a “javascript to bubble” widget
  3. Show the image on a page with an image widget and a picture loader element

Things I cant do right now

How do I save this image on s3?


How do I associate this image with a table field?

NOTE: if I get the URL from the image control i get a the URI address “…”

I have tried using the mysterious “:saved to s3” thingy when attempting to save to the desired field but that doesnt work. Neither does just trying to save its value or it URL.

@shawnmi6 @NigelG any ideas?

The fastest option would be to send the base64 encoded data string to your backend api endpoint using fetch.

Im pretty new so I have no idea what you just said LOL.

Backend api endpoint?

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