How do you create pages on a repeating group full list?

Everytime this repeating group loads, it takes forever.

This repeating group has hundreds to thousands of entries and will really slow down the app.

I was wondering if you can place the repeating group on pages for example entries 1-20 are on page 1, 21-40 are on page 2, etc. Also creating new pages as needed when new entries are added.

Not sure if this can be done, but thank you so much for reading this.


You can set the repeating to fixed number of cells then have a button that sets a workflow to go to the next set of cells.

Here is a video that shows how to set up repeating groups with pagination.


thanks for the prompt reply, I was searching on the forums and didn’t find anything, but didn’t know it was called “pagination” :sweat_smile:

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