Pagination is not solved out of the box?

So I have a repeating group that can hold between zero and hundreds of items depending on search results.

I have seen the topics about using a fixed list but it seems that a fixed list means you still have to size the group to the full size so even if you have zero results your page can still scroll the height.

Also it doesnt seem like the pagination logic and UI is actually built in.

Am i missing something or is this control missing a critical feature?


Thank you for your post! If you are looking to paginate a repeating group, you can use the “Show next/previous of a repeating group” action to show the next batch of a fixed number of entries. Let us know if that helps or if you have any more questions!

Thanks @jess I will look at the repeating group and how to use this functionality.

Also does this mean i’d have to use the “Fixed…list” thing right?

Which means that I have to pre-size the page to accomodate the full list right?

The reason I ask is that the length of the list is variable (due to search) and each item is quite tall. So assuming we want 10 items per list - when the list say has 1 item - the page will still have three full screens of scrolling available. Is there a way to have the list length respond grow up to the max per page and not require that the full space be allocated before hand?


You might also find the RG documentation helpful if you haven’t already looked over it.

You can use the show next/previous actions when the repeating group has a “Fixed number of cells” layout style. Fixed number of cells will show that number of cells regardless of how many things are displayed in the repeating group (for example, if you have 6 rows but only 4 things in your list, you’ll still see 6 rows). With a full list layout style, you can design 1 row in the editor and then the repeating group will expand to show the number of items in your list. You might check out our video on the different layout styles to determine which is the best fit for the design you’re looking to build.

Thanks @jess . So pagination is not possible without “Fixed number of cells”.

Feature request?

Make a list type called “Up to a fixed size” that will scale from 0 to N where N is the pagination limit.

That’s a great idea, thanks for sharing it! This would also be excellent to mention on our Ideaboard which allows you to submit feature requests and also vote on ideas that other users have shared. Our product team also regularly monitors this and uses it to inform our roadmap.

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