How do you do video marketing for your apps?

Hi Bubble fam,

I’m working on a video automation project that’s in alpha right now. We’re making it easy for developers to make high quality videos for their apps/plugins/products for things like posting on social media or listing on Product Hunt.

We’re researching making platform specific templates (so something with Bubble’s branding, frames, etc ready to go) and wanted to see if that would be interesting to this group? Or if anyone has any good examples of videos they’ve seen in the wild?

Much appreciated!

I have nothing to contribute in terms of your question unfortunately, but just wanted to say that this post is a rare good example of relevant user research on the forum and I love to see it

@georgecollier Really appreciate the shout out! But perhaps you can contribute and you just don’t know it.

For Not Quite Unicorns, do you do any video marketing? Or perhaps demo videos to clients?

Loom, I just care about being able to record a video and share it quickly. Nothing special!

So something like this you’d find as overkill as compared to loom? Having to supply screenshots etc?

for what its worth i find it very easy and quick to use camtasia. what tangible benefits would your platform offer of this? interested so i might offer feedback as youve requested.


Tangible benefit is that you wouldnt need any video skills to make a quality product video. You can just plug and play. We have the videographer to make the templates, then you just upload your screenshots, text, etc.

As @georgecollier noted some people are fine with just doing a quick and easy screen recording, but that only goes so far if you’re trying to do brand-quality video for a app or website. We’re looking to shorten the distance between you and a video made by a professional videographer.