Poptales - Animated Explainer Videos That Get Customers/Beta Users For Your App

Hey team!

How are you getting on with launching your apps? I always find building is the easy part, it’s getting customers and growing thats hard!
We’ve found a lot of success with Animated Explainer Videos that get your message across quicker than sales copy. We launched a company called Poptales to produce these with a partner of mine. We’ve produced some amazing videos for software companies you may have heard of, as well as my Bubble built companies SendPilot and Treefort.

We’ve got a super affordable pricing structure as well, for just $349 you get:

Professionally written sales script
90 Second video (You won’t find 90 seconds any cheaper than around $500, we checked!)
US Male/Female Voiceover
HD Video
Aftercare Support (1 Revision, extra revisions $50).

Please check out www.buypoptales.com to see some case studies!
We just finished one for Enter.bio @adaml can hopefully share his feedback.
If you’d like to go ahead just fill out this typeform and I’ll be in touch: