How do you estimate billing costs for your clients?


I’m curious to learn how those of you who are developing apps for clients and then transferring it to them are estimating the client’s monthly costs. So when a client asks about the monthly subscription costs for their app, how do you respond to this question given the recent WU based costs? I mean sure you could point them to the various plans, but how would you then deal with the situation of building an app for them that either has high-usage and then have them ask why they got charged a higher fee due to “overage” and why were they not made aware of this in advance?

Thank you.


Regarding the use of an app. If you build a replacement app, you know what your traffic will be. If you build something new, you have to start from scratch. You don’t know how user interaction will be. I don’t build for clients myself and only build internal systems for our company. Growth of the app means higher costs, but most likely more revenue. How complex is the app, how complex are the workflows? I think it’s important to build well to minimize Wu. Be honest and transparent. But predicting seems difficult to me. Put them on the highest plan, then it can only be a pleasant surprise.