Monthly hosting cost to my Client

I am trying to come up with ongoing monthly cost estimates for my clients for applications that I develop for them in .bubble.
For example:
If I have a client with 10 active users per week what plan should they be on, once I deliver the .bubble application to them.
Thank you very much for the help. Mary

Personally I think there should be a plan specially for developers, since we bring in more business.

Bubble has an Agency plan if you develop apps for others. As for what plan the client will need, it depends on the app being built, how fast they want it to process, and other factors once you hand it off to them.

Some clients may be OK with waiting 1-3 seconds for a workflow to finish if it’s an internal app for their company. Others may want sub-second responses and will need a larger plan. If they’re on the Professional Plan or above they can quickly add additional capacity.

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Do you mean you are relinquishing control of the entire Bubble app to your client? If that’s the case, transfer ownership to them and they can handle billing with their own Bubble account. As @Kfawcett points out you could upgrade to the Agency plan and resell that way.

If not:

It’s nearly impossible to answer this since every Bubble app is different in nature and has varying degrees of workflows, complexity, features, plugins, bandwidth and users.

What I typically do is handle client billing completely separate from my invoice from Bubble. You can create an entire Bubble app just for this purpose. Using a payment processor like Stripe with the Stripe.js plugin, you can manage a metered subscription for each client individually. In my case, I connect a master account/billing app to each individual client app via the API Connector plugin, and each month I pull in usage stats (like user counts and file storage amounts) and invoice clients based on the reported app usage. In order to make sure my hard costs are covered these prices more than make up for the cost of hosting their Bubble app (essentially making sure there is a profit margin on top of cost of goods sold).

I’m sure there are a dozen other ways to manage client billing, that’s just one example. I think what’s neat about Bubble is having the ability to use your creativity to solve your own business problems using the same technology you’re reselling :slight_smile:

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Thanks Phillip. I do need to be able to tell a client what they can expect as a monthly cost for hosting an application – at least a ball park idea of the cost. Let’s say the application has 5 data capture forms that have only 4 workflows each and that each form is used 2 times per day.

This is a really, really hard question to answer. There are so many variables in how apps get built. How much data is captured in each workflow? Are the workflows built efficiently?

Hosting is likely to be one of those costs that, unfortunately, the answer is, “It depends.” My Google Compute bill changes as my application scales, and my user count scales. The Bubble bill for my apps is pretty steady at the monthly Professional tier charge, but I don’t have much usage. I honestly have no idea how to predict what my cost would be if the usage increases until it actually does increase, I throw a bunch of capacity at it, then work my way down to find out what “stable” looks like.

Thanks K. So I can hand it over to my client who has 10 users who will be using the app I develop for them and I could advise them to get the Professional plan to run their application. So they would pay $67 per month for instance. Is this what you are saying? Mary