How to price a partnership using Bubble

I built an app for the food industry and am starting to get partnership requests which is great, but I haven’t figured out a way to price out the partnership because of the workload units billing approach.

Many factors go into how many workload units an app uses. What workflows run, how often, what users are doing, how often a user does something, etc.

For those of you who have developed partnerships with another person while using a Bubble app, how do you explain the fluctuating costs of using Bubble workload units? Especially, as the app grows its user base.

It’s not possible that I know of right now, but one option I’ve read would be the ability to track usage per user.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Monthly workload units are pretty much directly proportional to the number of active users. If you have 2000 users and spend 100,000 WU a month, expect 20,000 to cost 1,000,000 (plus a little bit because searches on average might return more data, depending on the app)

Thank you for the response!

That makes sense! Especially for a fully functional app that has found market fit.

Our app is fairly new so we’re still evaluating our workload unit output per user/user actions so we can make that calculation for ourselves.

It seems like we might need more time and data to find a consistent theme between our user base, user growth, and workload unit cost.