How do you filter a RG with a Multidropdown's value that takes Option Sets?

I have RG with a list of Things.

I want to filter that RG when I input values into a Multidropdown. The Multidropdown’s values come from an Option Set. That Option Set is also a field in the Thing I do a search for in the RG.

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Explore the concept of lists. Multi drop downs hold lists of things. So, the search constraint of the rg needs to consider this.

Operators like “is in”, “contains “, “contains list” are used.

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Hey @cmarchan , have you done it before?


Thing 1
Title (text)

Thing 2
Title (text)
List of Things 1 (list of things 1)

RG: type thing 2, data source: search for things 2: filtered by advanced filter: this thing 2 list of things 1 “contains list” multi dropdown list of things 1

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

I’m quite trying that but it does not work. Look:


Try “contains list”


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