Filtering RG data with multidropdown value

Hi fellow bubblers,

I am stuck on a filtering system I want to implement. I have a list of products displaying in a RG and I want users to be able to filter between those products by « tag ».

Each product has a list of tags attached to it. I was thus obliged to use a multidropdown input to get the user select one or more tags to filter through.

What is the logic or conditional statement that can connect the RG to the multidropdown input?

I wanted to try something like this, that when the multidropdown input is not empty, RG data source should change to do a search for products where tags = multidropdown input’s value.

But it seems like the option “is not empty” is not available for multidropdown input.

Any protip?

I’d love to know how these work. Please share your findings when you get it figured out.

Hi ericm !
This is a screenshoot of the solution I found:

Thanks @tetepierre69. I’ll give it shot… Success!!! I would have never thought of that.

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