How do you implement complex billing scenarios using Stripe?

I’m trying to implement a per-user billing scenario with different pricing tiers, how can I set up Bubble to handle this? Is there a plugin for this? Thanks!

Hey tommy! Welcome to the forum!

I have done this. The way I went about it was to modify the Stripe.js plugin source code to handle pricing tiers (since the developers of Stripe.js have not implemented that specific part of the API).

You wont be able to modify that plugin, but if you make a new plugin, then you can copy the Stripe.js - Subscription - Create action that they have into your plugin. To do that just right click on the action and press copy:


You’ll likely want to copy over and modify the Stripe.js - Subscription - Update action as well. Then modify the code to handle the tiered pricing in accordance with Stripe’s Subscription endpoint.

Finally, you would use your plugin to handle any subscription events, but can safely use Stripe.js for any other Stripe related actions your app needs to take.

If you’d rather someone did this for you, we could work something out for a small price. Just DM me if so. Best!

Hi Tommy,

I’ve built a plugin that handles this exact use case

If you are looking for a free solution, what @zelus_pudding mentioned is a great approach.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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