Stripe plugin for dynamic quantities + prorate


I would like to charge my customers a plan per month based on the # of users (so # potentially different each month).
I created a metered product in Stripe to support that (= dynamic quantity) but while testing it with the Bubble Stripe Plugin, I had an error “Stripe error: Checkout does not support plans with usage_type=metered in subscription_data[items][0].”

  1. Is it because the plugin does not support that or because I miss something?

2.If I need to use the stripe.js, is it still possible to use the standard checkout (same as the one from the bubble plugin)?

  1. I tested (stripe.js) the “update subscription” but it seems the “prorate” parameter does not work or I do something wrong… whether it’s Yes or No, as soon as I add/remove another quantity, I can see that the quantity is updated with the prorate enabled. Am I the only one?

Thank you very much for your help!


I have the same problem, did you find a solution ?


not really no… it seems that in order to use the dynamic quantity, you need to use the stripe.js plugin or, if not working, the bubble api connector and create your own checkout page / logic… but in the end, I simplified the pricing system… I wanted to test a simple one with the users before implementing a more complex one (in case it would not be needed actually…)

Ok thank you for your help. I’m using the stripe.js plugin but it doesn’t seem to work… :confused: