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How do you send an email that contains a link?

We used to use G Suite, so in Bubble any time something is set to email the user I’d just add the link to the current page which worked fine, Gmail shows it as a link you can click and go to. We just switched to Office 365 but that doesn’t work. Outlook only displays it as text, so users have been complaining they can no longer click the link to open the page in Bubble. Is there a way to fix this, as if I do rich text editor and pick link it wants an actual URL and won’t let me put “link to current page.”


Did you ever figure this out? I am having the same issue. Links are just showing up as plain text in 365

How are you referring to the link?

I was using the rich text editor and clicking ‘insert a link’. Currently I am just using dynamic data for ‘website home url’, which is working. However that is not the page I want to send users to. I am trying to use this to send Users a temporary password and have them click on a link that will take them directly to the sign in page instead.

The current solution is okay for now, they just have to click a single button to go to the sign in page, but I would prefer to make the UX as simple as possible so that they can click the email link and go straight to entering their email and password.

Okay quick question, is this in the Workflow or in the Appliation Editor

Also do you have a video or a link to your app?

If you send the HTML <a href="*url*">*link text* </a> in the email it should render.

It is in the workflow.

Here is a video of what I am struggling with: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Sorry, I am still sort of a newbie. How do you go about sending html in a bubble workflow email?

Okay I’m not sure if this will will work, but in the body of the email that you’re creating, click “Insert Dymnamic data” > Result of Step 1’s link

Yeah, the options from ‘Result of Step 1’ do not include link. It is just a basic text data type.

Just type that into what the email sends.

Things with square brackets like [link] are bb code and will not render in an email. You need to send HTML (think <> arrow brackets).