How to display bubble page link in email

I am trying to provide url link in email notification that when the user clicks on it will take them to the bubble page with record id. Following is examples of what i have tried, can anybody help?

I am guessing the URL’s are being created correctly, they just are not clickable for you in your email inbox?

To make them clickable you will need to add BBCode tags. Try the following - but without the space in the first square brackets, the forum is not letting me type the format correctly

[ url]bulletin's link[/url]

This will make the link clickable.
Other ways to use BB Code with links can be found here:

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thx Geoff

The BB code makes sense but its not visible in the email

Geoff, i have it all working now, also had issue that bulletin id wasn’t being passed to wf correctly. Thanks for your help.

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