How do you ship in-app contents to your app?

Hey Bubble Community. I have a question?
How do you update your users about new features, offers, updates?

I have a “What’s New” page within my app that lists the date of the updates and a brief description of each.

At the top of that page is a signup for an email newsletter list that gets messaged whenever we have a large enough batch of updates to notify everyone about, or more importantly if there are any updates that might affect their business operations. The signup form is an embedded ActiveCampaign form which we use for all marketing emails.

Since our software is B2B, we especially make sure the business owners are on the email list about updates since they may not actually be using the software themselves on a daily basis (their employees will) and might not see or know about updates otherwise. It’s a good way to stay on their radar and help them feel that they’re getting a good value for their ongoing subscription. Many reply to the email with feedback on the updates or further feature requests so it’s a nice way to facilitate that type of communication.

My team and I are working on a product for early and mid-stage startups. We are building a platform that helps product,growth and marketing teams ship in-app content like (posts, banners, stories, forms, survey, messages) to users within any app without any written code.
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