How to create an API workflow to automatically send new contents of a website to users

Please, I need help figuring out how to do this. For a project I’m working on, I need to be able to do the following:

  1. On a regular frequency (e.g. weekly), send an email to all users about new products uploaded to the website since the last email they got.
  2. Dynamically populate the contents of the email body with a formatted list (like a newsletter) of all the new products since the last email they got.

I’ll appreciate any detailed/step-by-step pointers on how to do this. Thanks for the help!

Do you have access to the sites backend or do you have to scrape the content?

Yes, I have access to the backend.

@elledarrow - Please let me know if you have any pointers. Thanks!

Hi @isaac.nwokocha sorry for the delayed reply. I didn’t see your response.

Couple questions - is the product table in Bubble or elsewhere - if elsewhere what type of database?
You say “email to all users” - do you mean all users ALL users? Or do you mean users that have opted into your mailing list?
Have you set up a sendgrid account?

@elledarrow - Thanks for reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, the product table is in Bubble.

I meant users who have opted into my mailing list. They need to get an email everytime there’s a new product posted to the website.

No, I don’t have a sendgrid account. I can easily set one up, but I want to figure out the automated mailing first before doing so.

Create new workflow api called “notify product info to Users”.
Trigger this workflow on each time of new product is posted into website.
Hope this works.

Thanks @manikandan - I can create the API workflow, but don’t know how to dynamically populate the email content, and ensure it’s sent to all subscribed users. Any step-by-step screenshots you can share?

It feels like you will want to do push notifications as well, so search the forum for how to do that.

As for email, I think this should be helpful:

@ryan16 - This youtube link was very helpful. Thanks a lot!

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