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How do you stay motivated?

Hey Bubble Community!

I wanted to see how everyone stays motivated with their builds.

I find myself getting into a project, hitting a brick wall and getting demotivated and giving up, then moving on to the next idea. This really leads to a loop of nothing seeing the light of day and I want to kick that.

So my question is. How do you stay motivated and not give up?


I think you are givving up because you don’t trully believe in your project. Otherwise you would move montains to make it see the light of the day. The motivation comes from you passion. With no passion with what you are developing, every difficulty will became a wall.


You have to break your project into phases and celebrate small wins. For example, customer registration process is working, then order entry process is working. Those are each worthy of a pat on the back. People sometimes can be their own worst enemy. So, you have to back yourself.


I like challenges, so getting past a brick wall is motivation in itself. I typically only want to give up on something when I am bored with it, and I get bored when it is no longer a challenge.


Well something that worked for me is to ask myself of what was the purpose of why I’m building/doing something.

I realized I like to experiment a lot and try different things, and all of those experimentation didn’t go anywhere, i was just messing around with the software and it’s ok!

But if you are doing something with a real purpose, let’s say building a portfolio of bubble apps, you know you have to finish it and if you find a wall, you’ll manage to get pass by it because it’s something you need to.

Don’t be so hard on yourself if you quit lots of ideas you had, I went through the same but even if those ideas are not going live, at least you gained experience just because you tried.

Another thing that helped me to pass by something I couldn’t understand was to stop touching the software, take my notebook and try to sketch it again or sit down and watch a tutorial patiently and just after you finish watching it you try what you learned.

Hope it helps!! :slight_smile:


Interesting question… for me, it almost always comes down to one thing (which is similar to some of the other responses). If I feel like I am just “building an app” or “working on a project”, it can be difficult to stay motivated. However, if I believe I am solving a problem, well, sh*t’s gonna get done for sure.

Two of the simplest apps I have built with Bubble have solved very real problems for people in my life, and there wasn’t a single minute spent on those apps where I didn’t feel motivated to keep going.

So, I guess that’s the punchline for me. Don’t just work on a project; solve a problem, and I bet your mindset and/or approach to that app will be completely different.


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That’s right, you’re right. Your words are totally true. It also happens to me when I forget the digital safe code and cannot reset it.

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Money. I need money to survive, if I don’t deliver to my clients, I don’t get Money.

Kidding, mostly. It’s important to limit yourself and work in small doses, otherwise you risk getting burnt out really fast. It’s insanely nice at how easy and quick you can build with bubble, but on the other hand it makes it easier to overwhelm yourself and get burnt out, so I work maybe 3-5 hours a day at the most.

I always tell my clients, when it comes to development nothing is impossible, however some things are hard. There’s a lot of projects that I’ve started and thought, there’s just no way I’ll ever figure this out. In the end I always do, I just try to take it a little at a time and that helps.

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