How does a native app behave

I have a simple question regarding native apps behavior.
Let’s take a hypothetical situation, if a user is inside the app (using it) and suddenly his mobile turns off (maybe owing to drained battery) then he restarts the mobile and reenters the app. Will he land on the same page where he left or will he land on the home page. If later is true then is there some possibility that the app automatically navigates to the page/ group he was already visiting, or can we provide some workflow to enable this feature?

You could try it yourself but loading your hybrid app, powering down the phone, turning it back on, and going back into the app. I don’t know that I’ve seen this discussed elsewhere, actually. You could be the pioneer!

Yeah in that case this question is relevant for people who have already launched their app on mobile. My app will take a little longer to get to the app store, but before I do that I want to rule out any possibilities of errors coming in future.

you can do this by classify states (or creating a data type of user position on site).

States will only show a page to user when their state matches the page state set, in the same way, you can set this manually in a data set (ie. when user clicks to go to page 2, their number is 2; page 3 = 3, etc.), this data set will ensure the user gets back to the same page when reopening the app. just include the workflow on page load (or login, if when your phone reboots, the app requires a re-login) to make visible the page that relates to the users position (ie. if 3, show page 3, etc.) and hide all others.

Sounds like a reasonable solution…
My query is further deepened, will it work if I have already set state to show a particular group for navigation. Example below


Will it not conflict with already running states?