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Single Page Native App

Hey everyone.I have built a native app which is listed on google play store now,
I have used only one page and other pages have been used a reusable element and through workflow, it shows and hides the reusable element as it’s a single page app, everytime the back button is clicked the app exits which is an major issue
How can I redirect it to the previous task or element or at least the home page when back button by default used
Please help

One of the ideas that I just thought of is to store custom states in a Custom State LIST. The previous state will be always the Second to Last item in the list. I have never done this but pretty sure it’ll work. If you’re not aware of custom states let me know and I’ll record&share the video.

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hey I am not very familiar with custom states, could you please demonstrate it

could you please help me here

Dude I apologize, I was off this week. Here’s the link to my Calendly schedule a call and I’ll explain how to implement custom states.

No problem buddy, i was able to do it using URL parameters.

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