Opening a single page app on a tablet

Hey all I have a single page app that I currently use on a tablet via sharing to desktop in Safari.
It’s brilliant, app works great all is good except when I switch out of the app and then switch back in.
It reloads that app from the start.
As my app is quite a large single page app it takes a few seconds and also it refreshes the data meaning I cant pick up where i left off.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can deal with this

Yeah that’s one of the problems with using states on a native app. The only way around it is to save the state in the database and then pull that data on page.
The best thing is to build an API workflow so you don’t need to worry about it slowing down the responsiveness of your app

Thanks for the reply.

Nice thinking, thats actually what I have done.

I notice with other apps life youtube or the likes that when you switch in and out they dont always reload.

Is this a possibility if I used a web wrapper or is there any other ways around it?.

Waiting 8-10 seconds is not the end of the world however its pretty painful if you have to switch out of it just for a second.