Bubble api endpoint timing out

I have a api endpoint which takes a list of 200+ objects. The one and only step on that workflow is to “schedule api workflow on a list” and then that takes care of the rest.

The problem I am having is Bubble isn’t responding back when a call is made on that endpoint. It seems like it waiting to iterate thru the entire list before responding back with a status 200. You can imagine bubble taking up 1 to 5 seconds for each item in the list of 200+ items.

I tried to make step 1 to be “Return data to api” but it still ignores that steps and waits for the “Schedule api workflow on list” to finish before responding.

My cloud function keeps throwing a error of “Timing out” because Bubble isn’t replying back to the api call.

EDIT - I don’t need any data back from Bubble which is why I don’t have to wait for the Bubble to run the workflow on the entire list. I just need Bubble to respond with 200 status code.

You can schedule one api workflow to schedule an other. I think that works and it gives it back without waiting

I have to pass a list of objects which I won’t be able to pass again to another list api workflow…

I will try adding a custom workflow and then scheduling the api list workflow within the custom workflow. Will update if it works. Thanks!

What I do is normally I create a thing called queue. I set the list on that thing and call a background workflow. That one calles schedule api workflow on list and also maintains updates what is processed and what is not processed in that queue thing. I use that to update the client for progress and if it fails to restart it (i schedule an other process that does the check after 15 minutes and restarts if its failed).

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