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How does the "link to Google maps.." work?

I have an address in a database that is displayed on a single map and I am trying to have it link to google maps. But it does not show the location or link to google maps, instead it has the marker appear in the middle of the ocean

On my Geolocation demo, you can see how I link to Google Maps.

When you start to type a location, and select it from the dropdown, a button will appear to link to GoogleMaps, clicking the button takes you to the destination link.

and in the editor;


Clicking the marker on the map won’t link google maps?

I hadn’t linked that up that click action, and now I have it still doesn’t work! Looks like there is a bug.

I suggest you raise this as an official bug_report so the @Bubble team can fix it.

I will change the category of this post to Bug.