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How to have link show up in Map txted box

I am trying to build an app where if someone clicks on a Map Marker, they will see name of shop and also a clickable link that would direct them to another part of the website. How would i do that: Here’s what I currently have -

only text labels labels can be displayed on the map.
you have to send the Data linked to the thing that is selected to a group outside the maps with the same type of data. then inside this group you can insert link, picture, etc…

So you need a group box outside maps with same data that was set up with map feature? How do you make it so that if someone clicks on Marker, that exact location (Name and Link) is pulled up?

You can use “Current Marker” on the action.

Here I am sending the marker that has been clicked to a popup, and showing the popup.

There popup has a type of location, but doesn’t have a source of data (you send that in with the action).

It would work as well (or maybe better) with a group box that is always shown with “selected location”.

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if you want more help, please reproduce your app thing in a new page of the public app

so we can help you the best way
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