How get the data from input in the repeating group in the reusable element

I have two repeating groups: the first with data and the second with the number of pages of the first. In the second repeating group I want to display a focus group where you can type in a page and go to that page in the first repeating group. But I don’t know how to pass data from Input in repeating group to the page.

Here is a link to a simplified version of what I want to achieve My-test-app-everyone | Bubble Editor

Why do you want the focus group to appear in the the second repeating group? The simplest way would be to change the UI to be outside the RG, and then you wouldn’t have an issue. FWIW, it took me a while to find where to click to bring that input up, and that was with me knowing it was there somewhere; other users might miss it completely. Maybe just put it centered below the page numbers with a “Go to page” button?

If you do need to have it in the RG I think the plugin you’re using will work, but I haven’t used it myself so I can’t provide help there.

you dont need to use satelite. using the event ‘when go is clicked’ , you’d use the action ‘go to page’ and for the page number you’d reference the input. whats the issue?
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I’ve encountered this tab switching designation quite often, and I’ve had no problem with it. I just made the UI minimalistically for speed and if I do page switching in repeating group in the form of buttons then it becomes clear that if you want to go to page 15 and it is not visible in the list but there is a button 16 and before it the triple dot then you need to click on the triple dot.

Yes, I can put page switching outside the repeating group, but I want to understand if it is possible to move data from reusable element located in the repeating group to the page. And plugin Satellite doesn’t work in a repeating group or I don’t understand how to use it in a repeating group.

Input is in a reusable element so it does not see the repeating group. GroupFocus cannot be put in repeating group.
Of course you can make page transition global and specify number for repeating group in url, but I don’t like this way very much. On the page can be a few repeating groups and for each need to make a key and the transition always runs the event “When page is loaded” and if there are a lot of actions, simply switching pages in RG can take a long time.

My understanding is that Satellite plugin was built specifically for RGs, but again I haven’t used it so I can’t confirm. But that actually doesn’t matter as long as the input and button are inside a Reusable Element, because as far as I know you cannot directly trigger anything above an RE from inside the RE.

But there is a workaround you can use, because you can see the custom states of the RE from outside the RE (Only the top-level custom states, not from all elements within the RE). So you could do something like this:

Have 2 custom states in the RE for the new page number, call them, say, go-to-page and page-check, and initialize them with value 0.

From inside the RE, when button Go is clicked set the go-to-page to the input value.

From the page outside the RE, use a Do when condition is true to trigger a workflow when that RE’s go-to-page is not page-check. Make sure to check do this every time. Do whatever you need to do in this workflow, and at some point set page-check to go-to-page. This way they’ll be the same value again and the workflow will again trigger when a new page number is input.

It’s more convoluted than you would hope but really pretty simple once you implement it. Now all you need to do is trigger a workflow from inside a RG, which I do think Satellite can help with.

In this thread I have been told in detail that it is possible to trigger a workflow from the RE in RG.

Yes what Keith describes there is a more detailed description of exactly what I said. You use top level custom states to communicate up from the RE, and a plugin, like Satellite or one of his. Glad his explanation clicked for you!

Some other methods you might want to investigate are to use custom workflow triggers on the reusable…then on pages that you put the reusable you can trigger a custom event from a reusable to run the workflow. Now that custom triggers can have multiple parameters and lists as parameters you can easily send in any value you’d like from the page to use those values in the custom triggers actions that you have on the reusable.

For most situations I prefer to use URL parameters to communicate data between pages, reusable elements and other elements within reusables. Since in all instances, any element, any page, any reusable can utilize the Get Data from URL dynamic expression and pull in the values from the URL.

@boston85719 interesting tactic with the trigger custom events from a reusable, I actually didn’t know that was possible. I see how, using that, you can trigger a custom workflow within the RE from outside the RE, but the OP was asking how do you trigger a workflow on the main page from within the RE? Still not sure how you would do that other than custom states on the RE as I described above.

URL parameters and conditional triggers on the page. Change url parameter from reusable, conditional trigger on page based on url parameter value

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