Sending data to and from a Reusable Element in a Repeating Group

I have a Reusable Element within a Repeating Group since it seems to be the only way to get a GroupFocus to work in a Repeating Group.

The GroupFocus itself contains a RepeatingGroup, which shows the Users that I want to add to the Task which is shown in the main Repeating Group.

I have read quite a few posts with people having trouble sending data to and from Reusable Elements in Repeating Groups but I can’t quite work out the solutions.

How can I add my Users shown in my GroupFocus RepeatingGroup to the Task which is in the top RepeatingGroup?

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I think what you are asking is “How can I show a reusable element against a particular row in a repeating group and for actions in there to reflect on the row I selected” ?

Rather than it specifically being “The top row” ?

Yes that’s correct @NigelG . Rather than “top” I meant “Parent” (although maybe technically it is not the parent in a strict Bubble sense).

If you put the Reusable Element in a Repeating Group, and set the Data Source to the Current cell’s Task.

The RE can then be a group, with the type of Task.

From there you have access to everything on that Task?


@NigelG you are da man! I can’t believe how simple that was in the end!

Somehow I hadn’t seen that I could set a data source for the reusable element. weird.

Kinda shows my point in the other thread - sometimes you just need to ask a question in your own words to get the answer that works for you. Thanks again!

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