Refer to input in the repeating group

  1. I have a page with type of content Product.
    1.1. The Product data type has a field = properties_list, which is a list of texts
  2. Inside the page I have a repeating group with type of content = properties.
  3. Each cell of the repeating group has an input.
  4. At the bottom I have an add button.

I want to do the following:
when the add button is called I want to add to the Product (in the properties_list field) a list of texts of the form:

How can I achieve this?


@adamhholmes any input on this would appreciated

The short answer is, it’s not possible to refer to elements inside a repeating group from outside the repeating group in native Bubble…

There are some plugins available that let you do just that…

But, depending on exactly what you’re trying to do, you might be able to do it without any plugins - you just need to ‘move’ the input value outside of the RG somehow.

It can be a bit fiddly, but it’s possible to store the input values as texts outside the repeating group in a custom state list…

Then, when your Save button is clicked you can run a recursive workflow on the page (using scheduled custom events) to iterate through the list and set each field value accordingly.

You have to make sure each input value corresponds to the correct item in the RG (you can set the text custom state value to include the cell’s index, then get rid of it when you write the data0. You also need to ensure there’s only one text in the custom state list for each item in the RG, so you’ll need to remove the old text from the custom state list when adding the new one.

As I said, it’s a bit fiddly, but I just tested a working example, and it works just fine.

But, it really depends on exactly what you’re trying to do as to what will work best in your case.

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hey @adamhholmes thanks for the answer.
however, I still have not found a way refer to the input(s).
e.g. I set a state for the RG = list of texts, and when input is changed I try to do sth but in vain. or e.g. have another repeating group to get the list of input’s but there is only one input appearing in the results.

probably, you answered my question and I was unable to decipher it but can you be a bit more precise on the actual method you used? or share the plugins that you mentioned?

Basically, I just want to create a list of the values of inputs inside a repeating group.


I’m not sure exactly why your having an issue adding the input value to a text state list outside the RG, as I don’t know what you’re doing…

I’m also not entirely clear on your specific use case (such as how are you populating the RG? I’m guess it just has a content type of ‘text’ so where are you getting those text values from?)

In any case, it’s a bit complicated to explain how to do it in a forum post, so I’ll post an example below for you to have a look at…

In fact this example is probably slightly more complicated that what you might need, as i think you’re just trying to add texts to a list field in the database, rather than change existing values, but the approach should be the same regardless, and you should be able to see the basic idea.

App Preview - Input Values In Workflow

hey @adamhholmes
your example helped me solve my problem. many thanks for it and the detailed comments

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