How good is Bubble SEO?


Building a SAAS that provides users with websites for their business

How is Bubble’s SEO? Are there any plug - ins that can do better, or any other methods?

Is the SEO good enough where I can use it as a marketing agent later down the line?

Whilst there may well be some technical considerations regarding the platform you use (and Bubble is no exception)… the question should not be ‘How good is the platform for SEO’, but rather ‘How good are you (or the people you’re employing) at SEO?’

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s irrelevant what platform you use… your SEO will be terrible.

If you know what you’re doing, you can work within (or around) any technical issues the platform may have.

Personally, I’ve never noticed any real difference in search performance between apps I’ve built in Bubble, and apps/website I’ve built outside of Bubble, and currently have marketing pages on some of my Bubble website ranking very highly on Google for competitive keywords…

Would it be even better if I rebuilt those pages on another platform? Maybe… maybe not, but if your technical SEO is on-point, your content is good, and your PR/linking strategies are well conducted, then the platform is of minimal importance (certainly in my experience).


Thank you!

Do you have any resources you would recommend to learn more about SEO and be able to use it in an effective manner on Bubble?