How is it possible to sort repeating group based on dropdown menu's value chosen without making a new request to server?

Hi everyone,
I just want to sort a repeated group’s items based on the dropdown menu value chosen as shown below.

I succeed to do so by creating a conditional on the repeating group but I’d like to sort this list without to make a new request to server, because it sounds better for performance to filter/sort in the front-end instead of backend.

Is there a way to “play” with data receive by server as we do in javascript ?

I’ve found a solution by reading the documentation.
In fact, there is no need to use conditions here. As shown below, you just have to select Sort by: Change Field… and choose a Dynamic field name (in my case the dropdown value), then choose between “yes or no” for descending order .

Et voilà, it is not more difficult.


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