Sort a repeating group with dropdown


In my app I have a repeating group displaying ‘companies’.
I want users to be able to sort through the companies using 3 different dropdowns.

Currently, there is a condition on the repeating group that will search for companies depending on the dropdown value as shown above.

How do I make the dropdown continually filter more refined - right now the repeating group will sort depending on a single dropdown and the repeating group will not sort the table with the combined dropdown fields. i.e. if market sector is X, EIS is Yes and Market is Y, I want to show only companies with X market sector, Y market and Yes to EIS.

Please advise,

Have a look at the “Dynamic” sorting option.

You can have a list of fields on your dropdown (or have a list of descriptions which also have the field NAME) then use that in a Dynamic sort.

Where is the Dynamic sorting option?
Do you mean the ‘Change which field’ within the sort of the Repeating Group?

Never got a response? Did you figure it out?

Ah, Dynamic Sorting has changed its name !

Yes, “Change which field…” is what you want. Then use that field (which should contain a FIELD NAME) will determine the sort.

Sorry for not replying :slight_smile:

OK. Thanks for the response. May I ask another question? I have a repeating group that shows invoices. I have been able to pull in all invoices and the group has information from the customer that is linked to that invoice - customer name. But now I am trying to sort the invoices and it will only allow me to sort by the fields in the actual invoice and not the fields associated with the customer that the invoice is linked to.

As I missing something?

Didn’t work for me. Not able to sort by letters. I put the field name as the sort field. But nothing happens when I sort.

The field needs to contain the name of the sort field.

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