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Resolved:Sort repeating group by dropdown

Im trying to let the user decide what the repeating group is sorted by. under do a search for, ive selected it to sort by dynamic field and then selected the dropdown but im not sure what to set the dropdown choices to. I want them to be able to sort the list by song name or artist or popularity (upvotes). Do i need to set the choices as static or dynamic? if static, what do i type in as the individual choices and if dynamic what option do i choose?

Nevermind I figured this out. Sorted by: needs to be applied conditionally on the repeating group instead of using the sort dropdown in the “do a search for” menu.

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It should also work to do it the way you were originally planning to (using a sort on a dynamic field). The dropdown should be a static list of the field names… so if you want to let the user sort by one of “Created Date”, “height in inches”, “cost”, etc (I’m just making up field names here), that should be your list in the dropdown.


cool i will have to try this!


That’s great, but how do you make data fields such as Registered_On_Date display in the dropdown as just ‘Date’? I have a slew of DB fields I’d like to sort dynamically by, but they are not user friendly.

Josh, your suggestion implies a verbatim copy of data fields, but this is often not user-friendly (again, unwieldy names from visual presentation perspective). I’ve played around with this (conditionals, etc.) and have gotten nowhere.


Thank you,

I have same question and still can’t figure out for example I have a dropdown to sort by: 1. Created date(Newest to Oldest) 2. Created date(Oldest to Newest). How do I make the repeating group sort according to the selected choice?