How many app can i host on my plan

I would to know how many projects can i host on my plan with multi domains

Hi there, @banoah22… each Bubble app has its own plan, if that’s what you are asking.


my question is clear, i asking about how many projects i can publish live with different domain name by using my account

You can have as many Bubble apps (projects) as you want on your Bubble account, each app will have its own pricing plan, and each app that is on a paid plan can have one domain.

that mean the account not shared the WU between apps

Correct… apps do not share workload units.

This means that building applications is very expensive in general

I’m not sure how you made that leap, but I assume you have the information you need based on your initial question.

Thank you for the answer. I made an arithmetic comparison of the costs compared to the normally hosted software. I found that it was expensive for me to launch several applications.

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