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Need clarification of "plan" resouces for each App

Hi All,

I am on the “free pln” at the moment even though I have purchased a template from Zeroqode already so I am all in but…

I cannot get my head around how the “applications” are published with their own resources.

Will I see an option to “publish” an application on its own domain when I upgrade to personal or professional plan?

Can i be working ion more than 1 App at any time as long as I am “testing” and then when it comes to publish or go live I will but another “plan” to suit - all within the same account?

I am a programnmer for over 47 years (started with machine code on a homebuilt 6800 machine with 1k RAM & 1K ROM ) and a developer for 40 years (Apple 2 onwards) and I’m finding the “dumbing down” of the terms for Databases, Tables , Columns and Rows to Types and things my most disorientating experience.

I have only just “really” looked at bubble and can see it can do anything I envisage but its a totally different paradigm , and changing the terminology is what slows me down .

Thanks for listening

Hey @Lagi :wave:

Thanks for the post and welcome to Bubble! Excellent questions…

Yes, on any of our paid plans, you get the ability to deploy your app and Bubble takes care of that process for you including making it happen on a custom domain if you choose to use one. Additionally, you are absolutely welcome to have as many apps as you’d like, but when it comes time to upgrade, applications each get their own plan. So whenever you outgrow the free plan, simply switch that app to a paid plan and you’ll be good to go. Along those lines, you can upgrade / downgrade as you’d like throughout the month (unless you’re on an annual plan).

We’re here to help if other questions come up! Feel free to reach out to [email protected]

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And thank you for a very clear answer. Much appreciated