How many sites can I host on the Personal Plan?

I am trying to figure out how many sites I can host on the Personal Plan at $16/mo.

Some of the things included in the Plan are foreign to me…so not sure how it benefits me, but I am sure it does.



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You choose a plan per app :slight_smile:

So in the hobby I can create several apps. Once I go to the paid one it is per app I build?

I have 3 sites I am building for myself so I just want to make sure as I work on them.



My understanding is that you can have as many apps for each plan as you want, but you are paying per app. You could have an app on Hobby, an app on Personal, and one on Professional.

I guess that explains why the first app I started working on has the paid, Personal plan but the next one I started is shown as being a Hobby plan.

I don’t like this at all. I assumed that as a subscriber I would be able to create multiple apps with the features/capabilities of the plan I am paying for. I guess I’d better reread the terms of my agreement more closely.

It seems like I should just drop down to Hobby for everything until I have a clearer idea of why to have a paid plan.


@laurence What you described is how it used to be. They changed the pricing structure not too long ago. See: Announcing a new pricing and the ability to buy server capacity

Basically they stopped pricing workflows and instead focus on server capacity, which you would determine per app.

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Paid plans get rid of the “made with Bubble” footer that shows up on your pages and let you have custom domains.

Damn, I didn’t realize I had to pay for every single site I want to test when I paid for my first site a couple weeks ago. My zero site visitors are probably very cost prohibitive for bubble.

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That’s the main reason I haven’t moved off my legacy plan. I have 5 apps with moderate (or zero) usage, but I don’t want to have the Bubble banner along the bottom, so I keep them on the plan. I do believe the pricing is fair, but I’ll hang on to it as long as I can!