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Help to select Bubble licenses / plans


I’m trying to understand a bit better how Bubble’s licenses / plans work
I’ve seen there’s the Agency Agency Plan | Bubble
and the more classic plans Pricing | Bubble

We’d need 3 people to work on our project. But the professional plan only allows 2 people.

Ideally, we would like to have each person develop on their own dev version before integrating into the dev common trunk (not once but at the end of each small ticket - kanban).

So far, it’s not clear what are the options that we need.

There’s this paragraph that is a bit ambiguous:

Bubble users on your Agency Subscription do not count as collaborators on apps: you can invite as many as you need as editors on apps you are working on, even after the app has been delivered to the client.

So, with one Agency plan, can we get us 3 working on it at once, each on our own dev version?

Or do we need 3x Agency?
1x Professional + 1x Agency?
1x Personal + 2 Agency?

I’m actually surprised that we cannot add an extra person (application editor) on a Professional plan (at a monthly fee). Or maybe we can and I missed the info somewhere? (maybe that’s what Agencies are for)

Any help is welcome. And I’m probably not the only one finding this to be ambiguous, so maybe thinking about rewording it would be great :slight_smile: .


It seems like for your needs, the Production Plan is what you need with 20 development versions, and 15 collaborators.

@johnny Thanks for your reply.

However, this is not acceptable. If that’s the only acceptable answer, someone will get fired (reducing the number to 2) or we’ll move away from Bubble. This is overpriced. It’ll take us some time to develop the product, and we cannot afford to pay that much while the product is under development.

Moreover, that absolutely does not answer the question about how plans work.
Before releasing the app, taking the most expensive plan makes no sense.

Anyone else? (Preferably from Bubble team)

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible in Bubble right now.

The reason it seems that the Production Plan is your only option right now is because of:

  1. The number of collaborators you need (3)-- I would recommend just sharing one account, but that leads me to
  2. You stated that you’d like 3 development versions which no other plan offers but the Production Plan.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s much of another way unless another forum member- maybe @J805 can think of one?

If you’re looking for guidance from the Bubble Team, I’d send them an email directly to [email protected].

But can all 3 people work on the same account at the same time, one different computers?

Not sure it’ll work correctly, right?

What about the Agency account? How do they work?

I’ll also contact the support, like you suggested, in the meantime. Thanks @johnny :slight_smile:

Yes, but you’ll only be limited to the number of development versions your plan supports.

From my understanding, the Agency Plan is basically for people who are working with clients to deliver apps, so basically when you’re on an Agency Plan you have access to all paid features, then you can hand it off to your client to pay the subscriptions.

Maybe the Agency Plan can work for you in this case if it does include unlimited development versions? I’d check with support on this

After contacting the support, this is what they said:

You get to decide how many members you would like to add to the agency plan. The Agency plan is either $78/agency member monthly or $71/agency member per month if you would like to pay annually. You cannot combine Agency plans together, all members must be part of the same agency.

It could be possible to have 2 collaborators for an app on the Professional plan, neither of which have an Agency account, plus 1 additional collaborator from an Agency.

Agency members do not automatically have an additional development version. Since this plan is intended for building applications for clients, typically an Agency member would place an application on the “Agency plan” to have access to those additional paid features (such as several dev versions). Then when the app is transferred to the client, the client would subscribe to a different Bubble plan (Professional, etc).

So it’s possible to do 1x Professional + Agency (x1 member). Or 1x Personal + Agency (x2 members).

However, there’s the dev versions that would not be for everyone.

Well, 2 qualified and skilled bubble builder can do a lot of stuff in a week. Maybe you don’t Need 3 devs? But if you do, sounds like you know the path to take! Thanks for sharing the info.


The (main) reason why we want to put 3 people is to also train these people for future projects.

If it were up to me, I’d say “pair programming” but it’s a very small company and “some people” will definitely not see the value in that (they’ll see the cost, though). But it’s not up to me.

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Hey :wave:

When I work with clients, I am basically training them to use Bubble. I use zoom and it’s annotation tool to teach them what to do. They do all the mouse pointing and clicking. I just put an arrow on the screen to let them know where to go. We are both working really hard on solutions to get things going, but just one person is doing the mouse clicking. It’s still extremely effective. Hope that helps a bit. I know it’s difficult when doing testing on one version with multiple people and you have to keep refreshing the page for each edit. :blush:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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