How many months it took you to be good at bubble?

I know its a very broad question, just curious.

I think the answer is going to be different for everyone. Also, it depends on what you mean by “good”.

Let me share my definition of good below:

  • well-versed with database architecture
  • understand how to design databases to deliver optimum performance
  • make good use of option sets at the appropriate times
  • comfortable with page structure using the new responsive engine
  • fluent in the use of reusable elements, custom states
  • quick to create front-end UI elements (not design skills, but the ability to translate a design into bubble)
  • understand how to use APIs and integrate with anything out there
  • quick to screen and utilize plug-ins where needed
  • follow a simple and easy-to-understand naming structure for elements, pages, etc.
  • understand backend workflows and how their power can be harnessed
  • strong familiarity with database triggers, scheduled events, recurring events, etc.
  • ability to inject javascript code where needed
  • disciplined use of styles throughout the bubble app

Did I miss anything?

Looking at the list above, I may have gone from “good” to “very good” :slight_smile:

For someone new, getting to the above would be many months of near-full-time work on bubble. Happy to hear other opinions.


Took me 18 months before I was willing to build an app for somebody else…but I got started when there was very limited learning resources available.


Yup, what Boston said about the availability of learning resources. With resources such as Petter’s books about performance and security as well as Gaby’s recently-recorded masterclass readily available to you, it’s not necessarily about the number of months you put in, it’s about how you use those months.

It’s no secret that Bubble’s learning curve is steep, but there is a ton of awesome content out there to help you get up the curve. If you don’t take advantage of that content, well, that’s on you, and it will likely be difficult for you to become “good” at Bubble.



When I first started, which was 2015, there were very little learning resources as well. Just a handful bubblers here in the forum willing to help.
Took me a year full time.

I had to make all the mistakes, notice their effects and come up with the solutions that now someone can learn just by sitting through an existing class.


Echoing what everyone else said. I started in 2018, there wasn’t that many resources available— there was just the basic bubble tutorial when you sign up for an account.

But just playing around with Bubble and reading forum posts helped my understanding.

Probably took me ~1 year before I was confident in helping others on the forum :slight_smile:


Hey @bubble_newbie :wave:

I started with Bubble in 2016. The plugin store wasn’t even out yet, I think, and no new responsive engine either. This was before the template marketplace as well.

It took me about 3 months to get out my first project. My app got better as I learned more.

After about a year, I felt a bit more confident. Although I still had much to learn.

Now it’s been 6 years and I am confident that whatever problem needs to be solved, with time, it can be done. There are so many helpful people on this forum. You don’t have to go at it alone.

Bubble has grown a lot, I’m just trying to keep up with it by constantly learning. I feel like I learn something new everyday still with Bubble. Always much to learn. Just need to keep growing. :blush:

I know I don’t always have the answer, but there is probably someone out there that knows it. They are probably on this forum. :raised_hands:


It should only take you a day or two. Do all the tutorials you’ll be all set create an agency website and you’re golden. Next, be sure to spam any post on the forum looking for help. This is the key to being the best bubbler

Im just kidding. It’ll take you a few months minimum to start feeling good at bubble if you don’t feel good when you first start using bubble. One of my greatest suggestions is digging deep into the forums and asking lots of questions in the search before you post them as actual questions in the forum. There are so many golden morsels scattered around the forum it’s ridiculous. The next thing that you can do is watch all the videos by coaching no code apps on YouTube. There’s other great channels as well and I surely can’t name them all here