What is the best way to learn Bubble?

I’m new to programming and Bubble. This is my first week playing with Bubble and it is much harder than I thought.

How have you mastered Bubble? Did you had programming experience before Bubble?


Welcome to Bubble @Kar - there’s definitely a learning curve to Bubble but once you have a decent amount of knowledge, the leverage you’ll have to create your own apps is amazing compared to “classic” alternatives. If you haven’t already, check out Bubble’s training https://bubble.io/documentation.
Also check out the following:
@romanmg’s videos:
@NigelG’s site:
@dan1’ site:

While there’s a lot of great training content and support on the Bubble forum, rolling up your sleeves and building something will solidify your learning of Bubble.

My background is in product development (hardware and software engineering) and product management, both helpful but not needed. I’m still learning Bubble after 1+ years of using it. How much you need to know will depend on where your app journey takes you.
Best wishes on your Bubble journey!


Thank you Nikolai. Yes I’m feeling the curve, I will keep learning.

Here is a directory of tutorials to start with… www.stakk.co

Thank you Stephen

Try coaching bubble (https://coachingbubble.com/). Just finished the course and it was very well put together.

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Thanks @nikolai and @gilles for mentioning Coaching Bubble resources! @Kar, you’re more than welcome to reach out anytime! Good luck!

@Kar welcome to Bubble! Getting started may seem a bit tough, but you’ll be amazed by how much you can accomplish in short order. Feel free to reach out, happy to help!

As well, appreciate the shoutout @nikolai about LearnBubble :slight_smile: (edit: LearnBubble is now LearnTo)

Thank you @dan1 and @romanmg Nice to know that there is so much help available.


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