Which pricing plan to pick?

Hi All,
I need advice on which pricing plan to choose if I want to build and sell websites and launch on customers’ domains?
Thanks a lot

Hey there @stevan.rufceski,

Welcome to the Bubble community! I would recommend you start with the Personal Plan plan, then if you need more capacity or whatnot you can always scale :blush: My favorite part about Bubble!

Start with hobby plans & make your app. When ready to make revenue switch to a Paid plan

Hi @johnny,
Thanks for your advice, but just a little bit clarification…
With personal plan, on how many clients’ domains I can launch custom web site?
Or, is it one domain for one personal plan, and every client of mine should buy personal plan too?

Hey @stevan.rufceski,

Good question, so it’s 1 domain per app, and 1 subscription per app if that makes any sense. For example, Bob wants you to build them a custom website, they pay for a personal plan subscription when they are ready to launch, then Jane wants you to build them a custom website, so they’ll need to pay for their own personal plan subscription for their separate app.

You as the agency or the developer I guess, can purchase the Agency Plan if you wish, and this isn’t something you MUST do, but it does make life easier in terms of your clients not needing to give you their Bubble credentials or they making the app editable to everyone for you to edit. This is because the Agency Plan gives them the special ability to add them as a collaborator, but not count as one in order for you to help them make any edits if needed.