How might I change a rundown of things in view of a rundown of 'one of a kind IDs'?

Hi, I can’t sort out this however I am certain everybody does it some way or another, so any instructional exercise or information would be greatly valued!

Lets say I have 10 things in the information base
Whenever client chooses that thing on the page I add it to a custom state list, so we have it’s one of a kind ID.

In the end we have suppose 5 things remarkable IDs in the custom states list.
Then client would click ‘sold’ and the ideal result would be that those 5 things would get refreshed in the data set, so something like
‘make changes to a rundown of things that are in our custom states list’

Any instructional exercise on this would be astonishing, this isn’t whenever I’m first stalling out with this issue, yet the present moment there’s no workaround so I should learn it

Hi there, @hobbybaseball… if I understand your post correctly, you have a list of things from a data type stored in a custom state, and you want to know how to make changes to that list of things when a button is clicked… is that correct? If I have that right, it should be as simple as using the Make changes to a list of things workflow action, and the list to change would be the custom state’s value.

If I have not understood your post correctly, consider sharing some screenshots so it’s easier to understand exactly what you are trying to do.


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