Make changes to more than one item in a repeating group

Hello everybody,
I have a repeating group with a custom state and I want to make changes to items in that list.
The Repeatin group is “managed” and it’s custom state is “selected”
This is the workflow

And this is how the groups look like, individual items can be selected and when they are selected they are added to the custom state.

So instead of
“Thing to change - RepeatingGroup Manage’s selected first item”
It should be something like
“Thing to change - RepeatingGroup Manage’s selected all items”
But if I select all items from the first I get this error

Does anybody know how to make changes to all the items in the repeating group’s custom state?
Thank you

Don’t use ‘make changes to thing’, instead use ‘make changes to list of things’, with the list of things to change being the RepeatingGroup Manage’s selected items.

Note: if the list is very large, you’ll be better off running a backend workflow to make the changes rather than using the ‘make changes to list of things’ action in the browser.

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I know this post is a year old, but you have solved my problem :slight_smile: thanks

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