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How much really bubble cost

Hi , Lets say I finish my app or website , is there any cost beside the month subscription ?
I’m not talking about the domain etc … , I mean is there any cost beside the subscription so my App or website be in public ?
I heard a lot of stuff

You’ll pay whatever monthly payment you subscribed for. And if your app hits capacity, your users will notice performance drops. Unless you upgrade plans.

so it’s just the subscribe fee , man my friend told me that after I finish my app , bubble will calculate the app and all all element and plugins on the app and it’s will cost at least +5k

Your friend is very misinformed.


So my app just need 3 things and will be ready , could you help please because you didn’t reply on the last post :

1 - How I can allow school to send payment to parent like give a summary or anything so I know where can I search to find the full answer

  • sure you don’t need to reply if you dont feel too

My apologies. You’re right I didn’t necessarily reply because I can’t really build the app for you; because the question isn’t really “why is this happening” it’s more “tell me what to do to make this functionality”. And that would end up down a rabbit hole of trying to build your app from this side of things, which would be very difficult.

You’ll first need a workflow to process payments

you right , I appreciate your constantly help , thank you for your time :heart:

You’re good man, I’m happy to help. If I can.

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