Bubble Pricing?

The bubble Pricing.

Annually- Does that mean, if I opt for the Professional Plan, I will pay $115 per year Or is it on monthly basis, paying $115 every month?


Hey there @zacc.oraro30,

When you’re paying annually you’ll be paying in your example, $115/mo/yr meaning you’ll be paying $1,380 upfront every year.

Thanks , so thats $115/ per right?

Okay , I see.

Thanks a lot.

So basically it’s $115 per month per year

Aka: $115 * 12 for an annual subscription

Thank again Jonny, its clear now.

I Appreciate your help.

No problem! Glad to help!

I’m building an app for a client, what would be the best plan to start with?

If you’re like an agency, then the agency plan- | Bubble because you can be a collaborator on your client’s app without them having to pay. Otherwise, if you’re in need of the Bubble API during development or any paid features then just the personal should do.

I’m just starting to learn the platform, so I think I will start with the personal plan for now.

I have plans to build for more clients in the future. I’m excited about the bubble platform. Its amazing!

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