How often do you contact Bubble support vs using the forum and Google?

Out of curiosity, when you don’t have a solution even after you’ve asked in the forum and Googled it, do you usually contact Bubble support?

Or does anyone here actually go to Bubble support first?

It used to be when I couldn’t get an answer in the forum and Google that I would just drop it but I’m recently back to Bubbling after some time off and I’m wondering why I almost never went to support.

I always go to the forum first thing. I don’t know why, but I do. It’s probably because you can get a quicker reply outside of business hours, and sometimes more helpful.

Hey @philnauta,

I only go to Bubble support for a feature request or an actual bug. I painstakingly verify the bug first, with an example normally out side of my application, before I contact them. That way, I don’t waste their time and they have more time for other users and issues.

If it’s not a bug and someone just needs help with their app… that’s where I would come in. I do a sort of, advanced paid support for users. They can book a session with me and I would help them with their project. If they can’t afford a session, I offer a monthly subscription to my eLearning Hub where they have priority support from me. They post a question and I will normally answer them back within a few minutes. If need be, I will post a video or a link to an example for them to copy. The only exception is when I am not available because I am in a one-on-one session, or if I need time to create the video or example.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Oh, man… what a great question, and one I have been wondering about a lot these days given the nature of a good number of posts in the forum.

I’m just a nobody out here in Bubble-land, so take the following for what it’s worth. I’ve been using the platform for over two years, I’ve built five fully-functional apps (three of which are in use every day without issue), I posted a few questions to the forum in my early days, and I have literally never contacted Bubble Support.

When I have a problem, I Google the heck out of it (with in the search, of course), and that either gets me to an answer, I figure it out on my own (even if the solution involves a hacky-as-hell workaround), or I simply drop it.

Now, maybe I have it all wrong by not shining a light on possible issues by posting them here in the forum or by bringing them to the attention of Bubble Support via a bug ticket. But for whatever the reason, I just don’t go that route. I’m sure the apps I have built are probably pretty simple compared to what other folks are building (although, I’ve got backend workflows, data coming in from external APIs, complex searches, advanced filters, etc.), but I’m pretty intrigued as to how I have never really run into issues where contacting Bubble Support seems to be necessary. Just lucky, I guess.

Anyway, just another data point for you, and again, great question.


Well, I’m almost a machine gun pointed to their support email :joy:
Isolated bugs Ratatatat , feature requests Ratatatat , clarifications on obscure undocumented stuff Ratatatat Ratatatat Ratatatat :sweat_smile: :joy:
That’s because I sometimes speak for other people’s issues and because the plugin making tools didn’t receive as much love as the app editor did in terms of documentation.

About the forum, I see myself as a forum fiend, it’s literally what I do to pass time sometimes and often I open this also in my intervals so it’s natural to me to find things here that I bookmark for later, answer random questions and also I always search here first, but I do this for so long that I know what kind of stuff I can find and which I cannot.

Curiously, I’ve never used google to find things here…